To the surprise of all, King Achashveirosh publicly announced his upcoming marriage to Esther. Little is known about Esther’s origins or her background and ethnicity as she has not disclosed them to anyone, even Achashveirosh, though he has either not noticed or not cared. We have unconfirmed rumors leaking in that Esther is, in fact, the cousin of the esteemed leader of the Jewish people and a prominent member of the king’s court, Mordechai, and some even claim that she was married to him. Mordechai is known for recently defying the royal vizier, Haman, by not bowing down before him as he passed by. Witnesses swear that Mordechai plainly stated, “I only bow down to G-d.” Infuriated, Haman has sent out at least five tweets exclaiming his rage and has publicly declared him promise of vengeance for such “outlandish disrespect”. In any case, the connection between Esther and Mordechai seems further linked by the sight of messengers going to and from Esther’s chambers to Mordechai in a suspiciously discreet fashion. Again, however, this all remains within speculation.


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