Esther took a surprising risk a couple of day ago when she entered King Achashveirosh’s inner chambers without being summoned. Despite her being Queen, Achashveirosh has a strict rule that all who enter his chambers without being summoned are sentenced to death- unless he extends his scepter to them and they touch it. According to eyewitness accounts, it appeared as though Achashveirosh had no intention of extending his scepter, when suddenly it seemed to give a mighty jolt of its own accord and extended itself to Esther, who, looking rather relieved, touched it. If, in fact,  Achashveirosh did not mean to extend his scepter, he didn’t show it. He asked Esther why she had come- what did she want for herself and what public agenda was she after? Esther, to the surprise of all those there, merely requested to have Achashveirosh over for an intimate little party- and to bring Haman. This was not only surprising, but very suspicious. Why would Esther want to invite Haman to such an intimate affair? Rumors have flared that something may be going on between Esther and Haman, though other than this striking piece of evidence, there is nothing more to suggest this. While Haman seemed delighted upon hearing of the invitation, it appears as though Achashveirosh has just gotten much more suspicious of his chief advisor. This encounter occurred shortly after the fast among the Jewish people was put in place, and there are rumors that there just may be a connection.

UPDATE: At the party, Esther reportedly asked nothing more than for the king and Haman to return the next night for another party. Consequently, suspicious rumors are flying up about Haman and Esther more than ever before, and the king appears to be getting more and more weary and disturbed. It looks as if he won’t be getting much sleep tonight…


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