Exclusive: Haman, presumably out of a desire for vengeance against Mordechai’s people for Mordechai refusing to bow to him, convinced Achashveirosh to authorize a decree authorizing and encouraging the people of the land to rise up against their Jewish neighbors and exterminate the entire people. The decree has already been publicized and will take effect on the 13th of Adar, which is in about 11 months’ time. Haman reportedly selected the date as he wanted it to be in the same month as Moshe Rabeinu’s death. Scholars have noted, however, that Moshe was also born in the same month, which kind of cancels out the fact that he died then. In any case, Haman offered the king 10,000 silver pieces to authorize the transaction, but Achashveirosh let Haman keep the money, seemingly independently eager to exterminate the Jews. Also note that considering Achashveirosh’s virtually limitless wealth, 10,000 pieces of silver are probably a trivial amount to him anyway. In any case, this persistence on Haman’s part would seem to indicate a great obsessiveness over Mordechai’s act of defiance, though some speculate that Haman’s hatred of the Jews goes much farther back than that…

UPDATE: In response to the decree, Mordechai and Esther have launched a campaign among the Jewish people to fast for three days. “This decree was put in place because we’ve been a scattered, divided people, and also because we’ve gone against G-d by sinfully participating in Achashveirosh’s party,” one Jew told the press. “Through this time of united, national repentence, I believe that G-d will reverse the decree.” Whether he’s right or not- we’ll just have to wait and see. Did you miss the fast? You can still participate in a new Mordechai campaign initiative to help bring the redemption. Learn more: https://theachdusfoundation.wordpress.com/the-mordechai-campaign/


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