We have just received word that prior to the “bowing incident” (as the encounter between Haman and Mordechai is currently being called), two foreign assassins, the famed Bigsan and Seresh, secretly hatched a scheme to poison King Achashveirosh. They were allegedly discussing it in their native tongue when Mordechai overheard it and reported the plan to Esther, who, in turn, told Achashveirosh, accrediting the report to Mordechai. Bigsan and Seresh exclaimed feelings of shock to learn that someone listening in on them could understand what they were saying, as few from the Shushan area know their language. Clearly, they were not counting on Mordechai being fluent in 70 different languages. The incident has been reported in the king’s records, though no reward has been given to Mordechai for his help. Keep in mind, however, that this was probably an oversight amidst the excitement over the attempted murder. Bigsan and Seresh have been duly apprehended.


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